Podcast: Episode 15 – Josh Hinchee

With this past weekend off from racing, we’ve got no race to recap but that doesn’t stop hosts Langley Austin and Noah Hinchee from talking racing with Stock4 competitor and Noah’s brother, Josh Hinchee.

Josh has been at the center of attention with a budding rivalry between him and Keyshaun Claytor since opening day in March. Josh and Keyshaun’s rivalry is strong with four races under their belts in 2024.

Josh discusses the incidents with the two drivers at odds and says he has a new attitude going into the next race. His new attitude? “To be more aggressive”.

He also talks about the competition in Stock4 and his desire to run a rear wheel drive and move up divisions, but needing the backing to do so.

Listen and hear from Josh and prepare for this weekend’s racing action.

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