Number Registration

In 2024 we will require number registration for all divisions with NO DUPLICATE NUMBERS ALLOWED for scoring and officiating purposes.

If you plan to run more than one event with us in 2024, please register your car number in all divisions in which you plan to compete. The number registry is $50 per number, per division. Even, if you don’t register your number in advance, upon your entry to a race in 2024, you will be required to register a number for the season on that night.

You can register any single-digit, double-digit, or triple-digit number. If you plan to run a letter with your number please register your letter with your number (such as F45, 87VA or 33G or etc.) Even with the letter, we will not allow two numbers to be the same.

Numbers may be requested to be held until payment can be made. Contact Langley Austin if you need a hold or to release your number.

Registration for numbers not already on hold is currently open. To register a number message Langley Austin on Facebook or text 276.613.4208. We can accept cash in person or digital payment for the number registry with an additional 5% fee for digital payments.

Late Model Sportsman:
#1 Jeff Deering PAID

#12 Cory Herriges PAID
#15 James Folds PAID
#71 Justin Landis PAID

Mini Stocks:
#09 David Duncan PAID
#1 Steve Delp, Jr. PAID

#10 Shane Hodges PAID
#27 Stonewall Kniceley PAID
#32 Wes Goff PAID
#46 Josh Phillips PAID
#72 Jason Campbell (On Hold)
#79 Chad Burnopp PAID
#97 Scott Foley PAID

#007 Alexandria Cundiff PAID
#5 Josh Brown PAID

#23 Kent Chrisley PAID
#24 Chris Penick PAID
#28 Will Stevens PAID
#33 Paul Caldwell PAID
#77 Jaden Austin PAID
#315 Heather Fackler PAID