We know sometimes it’s hard for a casual race fan to keep up with what division a car races in or what makes a “Stock4” a “Stock4” compared to a “Mini Stock” or another division. So we’ve put together some information for you to keep in mind when watching racing on the World’s Fastest 3/8 mile Paved Oval! Also, we know the casual race fan doesn’t know a lot about the touring series that come to town either, so we’ve broken those down for you below as well.


602 Modifieds
These are some of the coolest cars at any race track. In the words of Randy Myers, “They’re so ugly, they’re cute.” These are virtually the same cars as the SMART Modifieds, but with smaller tires and a lot less horsepower. Some of the best racing you’ll see in any division.
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Late Model Sportsman
These are the cars that you see basically at every track in the Southeast. Known as Late Model Stock Cars, similar to those in the CARS Tour, our Late Model Sportsman division features old-school fender racing with some of the best racers in the region making their way in these cars.
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Super Street
Renegade Sportsman
This is the best division for full-fendered cars anywhere. This is a mix of old-school street stock type chassis cars and older Late Model chassis. Any engine, any transmission, any carburetor with very few rules. The spec shocks, shock claim rule and small tires keep these cars super competitive.
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Mini Stocks
These cars are essentially a shrunk-down version of a Late Model with a four-cylinder engine and a small treaded tire. Similar to the Super Street division, the Mini Stocks mix tube chassis cars with old-school Mustangs and Pintos and it makes for some great racing.
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The Stock4 division lets you take what cars are on the street today and slap a roll cage in them and go racing. Front-wheel drives mostly with four-cylinder engines and everything is basically stock. This is a highly competitive class that has a mix of veteran and rookie drivers competing on a budget.
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This is our newest division featuring 4.6 Ford engines and only Ford Crown Vics, Lincoln Town Cars and Mercury Grand Marquis. This division in other areas has grown to have big car counts and super competitive racing given that its all the same type of cars and engines racing and remaining stock.
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Similar to the Stock4 division but this division features stock six-cylinder cars, just like the ones fans drive on the road today. From Hondas and Acuras to Chevrolet Camaros, this division has a wide variety of cars, all remaining stock and racing competitively.
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Legends Cars
Legend Cars are 5/8-scale fiberglass full-fendered versions of the famed NASCAR modifieds driven by legendary drivers such as Floyd County’s, Curtis Turner. These cars feature 125 horsepower motorcycle engines and while the cars are small, they are fast and put on a great show!
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Dangerous Divas
The name of the division really says it all… this one is for the Ladies! The Divas are a highly competitive bunch of women that don’t have a ton of experience racing. This division loosely goes by the same rules as the Stock4 division but with only female drivers.
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This is the division for anyone to get their start in. It’s called Rookie, but you don’t have to actually be a rookie to compete in this division. It’s run by the Stock4 division rules but features the lesser experienced drivers including some of the Dangerous Divas from time to time.
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Any Car/Enduro
Any Car really means that you can run any car in this race. This is a modern-day Enduro division but long gone are the old square body Monte Carlos and Impalas, today’s Any Car division features everything from an Infiniti G35 to a Honda Civic Si to your mom’s Buick LeSabre. And this division has no cautions, if you wreck, you wreck. This is Wreckfest meets real racing and it’s fun!
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Vintage Racers
Much like the Virginia Vintage Racers touring series listed below or the more popular regional series, the Southern Ground Pounders, these cars are the local Vintage guys. This isn’t a ride around division either, while these guys aren’t built for contact, sometimes it happens and they don’t shy away from racing hard. If you like a blast from racing’s past, this is it.
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This is our new division with an eye to the future of where 4-cylinder racing is headed. This class has an almost completely open rulebook with just enough rules to maintain competitiveness while giving the competitors free reign to make their cars as badass as they want to. With no engine rules, this class is truly an OUTLAW!
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SMART Modified Tour
These are the baddest and fastest race cars that compete at Franklin County Speedway. They are lightweight, have a ton of horsepower, and without much limiting them, their 15″ tires let them cut a super fast lap. These cars hold the track record at a blazing fast 13.012 seconds around the high banked 3/8 mile track and they race like no other division or series as well.
Carolina Pro Late Model Series
These cars look comparable to our Late Model Sportsman cars at first glance but they’re a totally different beast under the body. These are purpose-built race cars with the weight all shifted to the left side to make them faster than our local Late Models. The only thing limiting these cars is their smaller engines (mostly crates) but they put on a great show!
Carolina Crate Modified Series
This is a touring series of pretty much exactly our local 602 Modified division. These cars a lightweight and just like the SMART Modified Tour cars except under the hood and the width of the tires. With less horsepower and smaller tires, they aren’t as fast but they can produce some great racing at a slower pace and still look very racey.
Virginia Vintage Racers
With cars exactly like our local Vintage Racers, the Virginia Vintage Racers series makes its way around the commonwealth to compete at different venues. They usually bring both the Modified and Sportsman divisions to compete here a couple of times per year and always put on a great show!
East Coast Flathead Fords
If you like Vintage race cars, then this might be another series that is right up your alley. The East Coast Flathead Ford Racing Association features old Ford coupe race cars that are almost as cool as the “old guys” who race them.