Mini Stock Rules

The Mini Stock division is the original four-cylinder division that features mostly rear-wheel drive Ford Mustangs and Pintos but has been evolving over the years to showcase tube chassis cars such as old Goody’s Dash Series cars and the new revolution of front-wheel drive cars that are now the most sold production cars in the country. This division pairs everything that 4-cylinder racing has to offer with a ruleset that keeps everyone competitive.

Car Preparation:

  • Eligible cars include any 1960 or newer model rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive 4-cylinder compact car or truck.
  • Stock floor pan and tube chassis cars allowed. No offset allowed. No underslung rear chassis cars allowed.
  • 107″ Wheelbase for Front Wheel Drive or 102″ Wheelbase for Rear Wheel Drive. Must be within +/- 1 of the stock wheelbase car make/model claimed. The Left and right sides must be within 1″ of one another.
  • Minimum 6-point roll cage required. Full roll cage allowed.
  • 4″ ride height minimum for any part of the car.
  • Toe plates outside of tires and 75” Max width.


  • One pound per cc with the driver in the car.
  • 55% Left side weight maximum at all times.
  • 52% Minimum Front weight percentage at all times.
  • We will NOT honor the weight breaks for a containment seat and/or head and neck device from the Carolina Mini Stock Tour but we encourage all racers to continue to make their cars safer with all the tools available to them.
  • Minimum Weights:
    Ford/Nissan – 2300 pounds
    Ford Pinto/Ranger (2000 small valve) – 2100 pounds
    Ford Pinto Lima Style Engine – 2300 pounds
    GM – 2200 pounds
    Honda K – 2300 pounds


  • All safety requirements are mandatory. Fire extinguisher, seatbelt, racing seat, helmet, suit, gloves, and window net.

All other rules will fall back on whichever rulebook you choose to claim. You can only claim one rulebook and must meet all of their rules minus the ones listed above. No mixing and matching of the rules from one rulebook to the next. The rules listed above supersede all other rules and amendments. Additionally, if it isn’t in the rulebook you claim, but is allowed by the track or series you’re claiming rules from, you must have it in writing from the lead tech personnel at the time of inspection for us to allow it.

Rulebooks eligible to claim:
Carolina Mini Stock Challenge Series Current Rulebook (Front and Rear Wheel Drive Stock chassis cars)
Motor Mile Speedway’s Mod4 Current Rulebook (Rear Wheel Drive and Tube chassis cars)

Any rules questions should be directed to Langley Austin at 276.613.4208 or email [email protected]