2024 Late Model Rules

2024 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Rulebook will be followed with the following exceptions:


GM 602 Crate Engine w/390 or 650 cfm + 1″ Tapered Spacer Plate 3,000/1,300

GM 603/ZZ4 Crate Engine w/390 cfm + 1″ Tapered Spacer Plate 3,000/1,350

GM 604 Crate Engine w/500 cfm + 1” Tapered Spacer Plate 3,050/1,350

Ford JR347 Crate Engine w/390 cfm + 1″ Tapered or Open Spacer Plate 3,025/1,325

GM Built (Straight Plug & Dillon 70cc) w/500 cfm w/Track Plate 3,050/1,350

GM Built (Steelhead) w/500 cfm w/Track Plate 3,050/1,350

Ford Built w/500 cfm w/track plate + 1” Tapered Spacer Plate 3,050/1,370

GM Upgrade (Spec) w/500 cfm w/Track Plate 3,100/1,375 (7200 RPM Limit)

Harrington Enforcer w/500 cfm w/Track Plate 3,100/1,400 (7200 RPM limit)

Ford SR347 w/500 cfm w/Track Plate 3,100/1,375 (7200 RPM limit)

450 cfm carb may be used instead of 500 w/track plate on any engine combination utilizing it.

The “Track Plate” is the same as the Orange County Plate.


Spec-type shocks (Pros/Afcos/Koni/etc.) are preferred.

Penske-style Shocks are allowed with a 100-pound weight penalty. Split evenly left and right.


No Coil Binding, Bump Stops or Suspension Travel limiting devices are allowed.

**All middle spring coils shall be taped using either body masking or cloth duct tape (preferred) – electrical tape cannot be used. Taping shall be wrapped without cuts in only one (1) layer and shall start at the middle coil encasing the ensure coil surface and covering two (2) full coils. This tape shall be present and easily visible pre- & post-tech. Failure to tape your coil in this exact manner will result in immediate disqualification at post-tech inspection. Tape applied in this manner must be present at inspection and any cut or smudge to the tape resulting from coil compaction and/or touching will be an immediate disqualification. All coils must be active.**

Ride Height:

A minimum 4″ ride height must be met at all times. No part of the car including the body, chassis, etc. can be lower than 4″.

Sway Bar:

The Swaybar may be no larger than 1.75″ in diameter.


Single Piston Caliper Brakes Allowed Only.


The tire rule will be announced ASAP.


The track reserves the right to level the competition if necessary to prevent one driver, car or engine from dominating the races.

Two wins in a row will constitute a 50-pound right-side weight penalty with no counterweight on the left side allowed. Additional consecutive wins will also add 50 pounds per win. Weight will then be allowed to be taken off 25 pounds at a time beginning with two consecutive losses.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact Langley Austin at 276.613.4208 or email [email protected]