Renegade Sportsman Rules

The Renegade Sportsman division (formerly Super Street) was designed to limit the costs for someone to race a full-blown V8 Stock Car and level the playing field between today’s tube chassis and yesterday’s stock cars. This is a perfect division for someone who likes that raw V8 power without the enormous cost of trying to run Late Model Stock Cars.

Changes for 2023 listed in red.

Car Preparation:

  • Any Perimeter Chassis car is allowed. (LMSC, Limited, Pro-Cup, Street Stock, etc.) No offset allowed.
  • Overall Weight:
    3100 pounds for Stock Car (older Street Stock) | 1350 right side weight
    3150 pounds for Stock Clip Car | 1350 right side weight
    3280 pounds for Full Tube Chassis (LMSC and etc.) | 1440 right side weight
  • Burn Off Allowed Following the Race: 1 pound per lap. (Caution laps do not count toward burn-off)
  • Any V8 engine is allowed. (One per car only)
  • Any Carburetor is allowed. (One per car only) No fuel injection, superchargers, turbochargers, or tunnel rams are allowed.
  • Traction Control or similar devices are not allowed.
  • No Coil Binding, Bump Stops or Suspension Travel limiting devices are allowed.
    **All middle spring coils shall be taped using either body masking or cloth duct tape (preferred) – electrical tape cannot be used. Taping shall be wrapped without cuts in only one (1) layer and shall start at the middle coil encasing the ensure coil surface and covering two (2) full coils. This tape shall be present and easily visible pre- & post-tech. Failure to tape your coil in this exact manner will result in immediate disqualification at post-tech inspection. Tape applied in this manner must be present at inspection and any cut or smudge to the tape resulting from coil compaction and/or touching will be an immediate disqualification. All coils must be active.
  • Maximum Tread width 66.5. Must be the same from side to side.
  • 112-inch Wheelbase maximum.
  • Hoosier 890 Tires or Hoosier Comanche tires Only.
  • 8″ or 10″ Wheels will be allowed. Must be the same size wheel on all four corners.
  • 4-inch frame height minimum with driver in the car.
  • Spec Shocks Allowed:
    Pro Shocks – WB77
    Afco – 1477
    Pro Shocks – WB94, WB95, WB96, WB97
    Afco Shocks – 1494, 1495, 1496, 1497
  • Afco Coilover Kit P/N’s
    20125-7 – Small Spring (2 5/8” springs)
    20125-7K – Big Spring (5” springs)
  • Other Shocks Allowed:
  • Any other shocks. Add 50 pounds. Split evenly. Total Weight 3330/1465 Right Side Weight
  • Shock Claim Rule:
  • Must claim all 4 shocks. $200/shock to claim. See the claim procedures below for more details.
  • All safety requirements must follow the NASCAR Weekly Rulebook.

Tech Procedures:

  1. The inspector may opt to check any item and will likely pick at least two items per race to inspect.
  2. Open tech for the top 3 finishers. Any top 3 finishers can ask the inspector to check a specific item. One item per week may be selected by a competitor to be checked on all the top three finishers cars. Item must be available for visual inspection to be selected by a competitor.
  3. The race track may inspect any part at any time during an event prior to or after the race.


  1. The first offense of cheating will result in a disqualification and loss of purse and points for the event.
  2. The second offense of cheating will result in a disqualification and loss of purse and points from the event and a subsequent suspension from the next division event.
  3. The third offense of cheating will result in a disqualification and loss of purse and points from the event as well as a 60-day ban from competing in this class.
  4. The fourth cheating offense will result in a disqualification and loss of purse and points for the event and a one-year ban from competing in this class.

Shock Claim Procedure:

  1. Shocks from any driver not using our spec shocks may be claimed for $200 per shock and all shocks must be claimed at once for a total of $800.
  2. Shock Claim must be made in writing with cash to the tech man before the initial technical inspection is completed. Once the car leaves the scale/tech area, a shock claim will not be accepted.
  3. The driver/team being claimed has 5 minutes to decide whether to accept the claim or deny it.
  4. If the driver/team being claimed denies the claim, they will be disqualified from the night’s event and will not be allowed to run those shocks again this season.
  5. The driver/team denying the protest may also be subject to a monetary fine and/or points deduction at the discretion of the promoter/race director/tech inspector.

Cheating bans are only for the division caught cheating. A driver may move to another division once banned from competing in one division. A suspension for cheating doesn’t prevent you from attending the race or competing in another division.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact Langley Austin at 276.613.4208 or email [email protected]