How the Points System Works in 2024

Here’s an explanation of how our points system works so that you can better understand when reading the points standings.

Points System:
1 – 7
2 – 6
3 – 5
4 – 4
5 – 3
6 – 2
7 – 1
8 – 1
9 – 1
10 – 1
Every car entered for the day receives at least 1 point.

If a driver signs in at the pit gate with his car in attendance, they will receive points for the race they have entered even if they do not start the race. During twins, if a driver runs the first race but not the second race, they will still receive points for the second race.

No points will be paid to any driver disqualified from a race. During a night of twins, a disqualification can be for one race or both but that is at the discretion of the tech man or the race director for the issue at hand.

A driver may be penalized a set number of points for an infraction at the discretion of the race director or the promoter.

Double points races may be announced as desired by the promoter. Additional points opportunities may be added at the discretion of the promoter.

The championship format will include a regular season of racing, a playoff and a championship winner-take-all night of racing. The promoter will formally announce the format.

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