Divas Rules

The Divas class was added to give female drivers without a lot of experience a race to learn how to drive, learn to race around other competitors, and build their skill set and confidence to compete in the Rookie4 or Stock4 division going forward.

This division races under the Stock4 Rules. CLICK HERE to view the rules for the car.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Your car must meet the rules of the Stock4 division and can/will be teched in a similar fashion as outlined in the Stock4 rulebook.
  • The driver must be female.
  • Drivers having raced other divisions before must request eligibility from Langley Austin.
  • Driver Eligibility is subject to the discretion of the Race Director and Promoter.
  • Drivers who have won a Stock4 race since 2022 are NOT eligible for this division.
  • A time cap for this division has been put in place. 17.90 is the fastest lap any car or driver can have turned. Anyone turning laps faster than that in the Divas, Rookie4 or Stock4 will NOT be eligible for this division.
  • Any driver can be removed from this division at the discretion of Langley Austin, the Race Director and/or the tech team at any time. Once you are deemed ineligible for any reason, you will not be allowed to compete again in the future.

We will crown a champion at the end of the season in this division and are keeping points updated.

The requirements for this class are subject to change at any time to ensure competitiveness across the division.

Questions should be directed to Langley Austin on Facebook or text/call 276.613.4208