Chain Race Rules

1) All pulling cars must be V6 or V8 no 4-cylinder pull cars.
2) Both cars will have working brakes and back car must have a motor but not running.
3) Both cars must run good tires (no bald or blems).
4) Drivers doors must be welded, chained or bolted shut.
5) All cars must have seat belts with shoulder harnesses or 3 pt harness.
6) Cars will be chained together 4 feet apart. Cannot hook to bumper and no pipes on chains.
7) All drivers must wear helmets securely.
8) All cars are subject to inspection before they can race.
9) All glass must be removed from all cars except front windshield.
10) The rear car of the 2-Car Chain Race team must have the driveshaft and battery removed.
11) If the chain breaks, the cars are done and will no longer be scored.
12)The main pulling vehicle it must be a two-wheel drive car.
13) You must remain in your vehicle unless an official tells you otherwise.
14) Second cars engine needs to be off and remain off throughout the event – Your team will be
disqualified if 2nd car is running at any time through the race.

Driver’s Safety:

  1. Mandatory- seat belts, long sleeves, jean/long pants, gloves, shoes & socks, helmet,
    goggles, and neck brace for the driver. No sunglasses. No nylon or dri-fit clothing allowed.
  2. Recommended-racing seat, 5 point safety harness, window net, fire resistant driving
    suite, fire resistant gloves, shoes and socks along with a SA rated FULL FACED helmet, safety
    goggles or face shield and neck brace