Super Street Rules

For our Super Street races we will follow Motor Mile Speedway’s Super Street Rules with the following exceptions:

  • Any “cheap” Shock Allowed. $500 Claim rule in place for every race event. Anyone finishing up to three positions behind you can claim your shocks. The track may also claim your shocks if it deems it necessary for competition purposes.
  • 8″ or 10″ wheels will be allowed. The same 8″ tire rule remains in place for the division.
  • Top finishing FCS Charger cars will get a bonus for competing in the Super Street division. Bonus will be announced prior to the race. All Chargers must meet Motor Mile Super Street rules requirements to be legal for this race.
  • New and scuff tires will be available at the track. Practice or Race tires from Motor Mile Speedway are allowed to be used for this race.

Any questions please call Langley Austin 276.613.4208