Stock4 Rules

Front-wheel drive or Rear-wheel drive cars and trucks Allowed.

Stock 4 cylinder only max factory rated HP 150 +/-. No turbo or supercharger. A/C system components may be removed.

Stock air intake/cleaner systems with regular filter only.

Stock exhaust manifold only. May use straight pipe exhaust the same size from the manifold to the end. Must exit out from vehicle past driver.

The suspension must be stock with no modifications at all. Max camber on front is 2 degrees positive/negative. Will be checked with a camber gauge. No tolerance above 2 degrees will be permitted.

REAR must be zero toe and camber. NO rear steer.

Shock and Springs must be stock for make and model and placement.

Stock wheels only for make and model. All must be the same size and offset.

DOT Tread wear 400 and higher. Lowest Aspect ratio of 60. All must be same size.

The body must be stock with all lights and trim and outside mirrors removed. All windows must be removed except the windshield. May use Lexan. Windshield braces are required. All interior items that are plastic and flammable must be removed. May skin doors for the roll cage.

Roll cage – Minimum 4-point with three door bars on the driver’s side and 2 on right side. See roll cage components website for circle track start kit for the style of cage required.

Safety – Stock bucket seat may be braced and stock three-point belt system used for a limited time only. If you plan to race regularly you need to install an Aluminum Race seat and Five-point harness. Window net must be mounted solid on bottom and latch release on top. Fire extinguisher with metal mounting bracket a must. Helmet, driving suit and gloves Mandatory.


Weight can and will be added to keep competition equal.

Any questions call/text Langley Austin at 276.613.4208

Updated June 29, 2021.